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iam addicted to food?

25 April 2015 Honest Eater 2

i cant stop eating in the morning i wake up and think about what i can have for lunch, it disgusts me i cant stop thinking about food and i am putting loads of weight on. can you give me any tips to help me stop munchin all the time.

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How do I cook healthy food that also tastes good?

25 April 2015 Honest Eater 1

I’m about 50 pounds overweight and while I want to loose weight, I don’t want to sacrifice my taste buds. For me, food is the spice of life and I’d rather be fat eating good food than skinny eating bland food. Of course, I’d rather be skinny eating good food! So far every “healthy recipe” I’ve tried tastes like crap. Does anyone have any techniques to share, or at least stories of how you lost weight without giving up the so-called “spice-of-life,” AKA food?