Is anyone addicted to food programmes on the telly.?

We have 36 stone teenager, half tonne hospital, that doggie programme where dogs and their owners go on a diet, You are what you eat. What do you think of them? Are there too many?

Best reply by Just Me =):

our society is rather obsessed with weight,,

I watch them too lol …

I guess there’s nothing better on? So… might aswell =] Lol ! x

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Is anyone addicted to food programmes on the telly.?


  1. I love watching the food programmes, always tell myself I will try some and would love to be able to cook some of those wonderful recipes.
    Its not all about having to buy expensive ingredients because a lot of the chefs realise there are a lot of people out there who have to cook on a budget.
    I really dont think there is any excuse for any person or animal to be overweight because at the end of the day “you are what you eat”. When you watch these programmes where individuals just sit and eat everything bad for them and cannot understand why they are fat is beyond me.
    A lot of the problems are people who cannot be bothered to cook proper food, drink healthily so what do they expect. And the mothers who let their children eat everything bad for them need for whatever reason need to realise they are killing them!.

  2. I don’t watch any of those you have mentioned, except you are what you eat.I do find her partronising though and its all mung beans and aduki beans and I don’t like the fact that she has all that food in a big pile on a tsable. It then gets thrown away what a waste of food
    I prefer to watch cookery programes like
    Saturday kitchen – Saturday cooks – Daily cooks – Ready Steady Cook and Something For The Weekend.
    I watch them to get tips and ideas as we like to have friends over for dinner and we like to try different foods and recipes.

  3. I enjoy our cable food TV shows, but they are different than yours (I’m in USA). I would not say I’m addicted; but my family loves all the new and healthy menus I am now making!

  4. I love them all! I ma only 14 and i watch all of those(not all the time-i dont actually watch tv THAT often!), aswell as you are what you eat, diet doctors, all cooking pragrammes such as ready steady cook, sturday morning kitchen, celeb one…etc!!!
    i think it is important to know about these things, and i find it very interesting!
    Im sure if you think about aniother topic there are hundreds of programmes on that too…
    but i see what you mean…i guess one person made a programme, it was popular, so everyone followed!!!
    please dont make another….

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