1. When you feel like eating something, say to yourself “Would a bowl of green salad or an apple do as much for me right now?” If the answer is “Heck no! I want pizza/Ice cream/ Chocolate!!” Then you’re craving junk food. This might seem obvious, but it’s a good way to tell if you’re truly hungry.

    If the answer is yes, get something to eat.

    If the answer is no, you’re probably bored. Find something to take your mind off the craving, like drawing or playing a game or reading a book. If you’re feeling healthy and energetic, get up and do some exercise, go for a walk or a jog.

    If you’re under stress, you might want to find a healthier way to help yourself feel better, like writing in a diary or taking up a hobby.

    Find the triggers that make you crave food, and try to avoid them or find ways round them. For example, I get really bad cravings for junk food after work. I have to take the train home, so I wait as long as possible before I leave so I have no time to buy anything and have to dash for the train. Maybe by doing soemthing as simple as altering a route or daily routine will help you avoid the urges to eat junk food.

    Lastly, don’t worry too much about eating food. If you’re skinny, you can aford to pig out a little. Take a look at your weight – if it stays around the same weight, and only fluctuates by a pound or two, you’re absolutely fine!

  2. Whenever you get hungry, drink a large glass of water first. More than likely that “Stress hunger” will go away.

  3. If it’s a comfort eating thing, find something else to do that’ll calm you down. Listen to music, maybe, or go for a walk?

    How much is too much? Is what you usually eat enough to actually fill you up and give you the proper nutrients? Eating too little isn’t eating healthily. To be honest, I’m always more worried when someone’s too thin than when they’re slightly overweight.

    Keep an eye on your diet, make sure you’re eating healthy food, and don’t worry too much. If you’re skinny right now, you’ve got a long way to go before you’re overweight.

  4. Find out how much food you need for your age, your height ,your weight ect. in order to keep your weight. And then write down what you eat and stop once you’ve reached the amount that your body needs.

  5. There is no such thing as “addiction,” only personal weakness. Addiction is what cigarette smokers blame their smoking on and what alcoholics blame their drinking on.

  6. When you think you might be pigging out, remind yourself that you seek good. Remember that your beliefs about your behaviors contribute to your health as much as your behaviors. People who watch their food make them healthy sometimes eat more food than people who worry their food is making them unhealthy. In fact even if they ate the same food, one might be healthier.

  7. If you’re TRULY skinny you could probably stand to gain weight. But if you’re the American version of “skinny” you’re probably already slightly fat. ^_- (jk)
    But I wouldn’t worry too much either way. Check out this great motivational video:

  8. Eat when you are hungry and eat until the hunger is gone. Food is mainly for energy. If you eat to much and do not use it you will gain weight. Instead of eating why not go for a walk?

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